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GRAYBOX is a digital consulting firm that helps companies solve technical challenges, reach audiences and optimize operations with elegance, utility and expertise. They partner with businesses to bring success in a digital-first world — helping companies captivate customers online and off with measurable results. 

GRAYBOX is a Portland web development firm, started in early 2009. They build intentionally designed integrated campaigns and digital solutions with the marketing and content to back it up. Services include business operations consulting, branding, and the creation of results-driven apps and sites. GRAYBOX builds relationships with each client, learning each business’ unique needs and investing in their long-term success. Clients provide puzzles the GRAYBOX team is keen to solve, and each project further prepares them for the next challenge and opportunity. 

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Run AMZ is a digital marketplace consulting and management firm that helps companies take control of their sales channels. Many businesses see digital marketplaces like Amazon as a confusing mystery that can bring in additional sales but can also invite a minefield of pitfalls that could negatively impact sales. Run AMZ takes out all the inefficiencies of working with digital marketplaces and puts companies on the most targeted path to selling successfully directly to customers. No more intermediaries, no more retailers – Run AMZ helps businesses take control of their ecommerce sales. 

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