Mentorship improves outcomes and steadies the ship

Mentorship is more than just giving advice. A great mentor celebrates victories and commiserates with setbacks. Digital Industries brings years of experience to the table, and fights in the trenches with our portfolio companies, helping them take advantage of opportunities and avoid missteps.

Active Mentorship

Evolving Strategies

Frequent collaboration to adapt to market changes and opportunities

Data & Analytics

We provide data and insights to help guide decision making and shape the conversation

Relevant Expertise

We are a team of experienced professionals, and provide contextualized real world experience to solve problems.

We get our hands dirty

Digital Industries co-operates our portfolio companies. Instead of hands off oversight, we are deeply involved with our companies as a true partner in growth and day to day execution.

Back-office Operations

Startups have lots of fractional roles to be played, especially in areas like bookkeeping, HR, and Administration.  We allocate staff either full time, fractionally, or ad hoc to meet the fluctuating needs of our companies as they grow while keeping costs low.  

Cooperative Strategic Planning

Our companies can leverage multiple strategic goal setting frameworks, and Digital Industries provides support facilitating workshops, crafting strategic goals, and executing those strategies.

We Deploy Sophistication

Our portfolio companies are created within our existing tools and analysis frameworks.  They can leverage automation and insights from day one, and don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.  

Current and past portfolio mentees

Let's co-operate together.

If you have an idea for a digital centric business that would fit well in the Digital Industries portfolio, we'd love to chat.